Tile Sets

The following tilesets are ready to use with libMini’s qtviewer.
Just download, extract and drag&drop the directory into the qtviewer window.

A precompiled Windows executable is available here. For installation instructions on Linux see the README.

Note: The tilesets have mostly been produced with VTBuilder from geographic data that can be found on my terrain data server.

Hawai’itgz zipTileset-Hawaii
BigIslandtgz zipBigIsland
Mauitgz zipMaui
Lanaitgz zipLanai
Molokaitgz zipMolokai
Oahutgz zip tgz(lod1) tgz(lod2) tgz(lod3) tgz(lod4)Tileset-Oahu
East Oahutgz (4GB)East Oahu Hires
Oahu OVRtgz (5GB)Oahu Hires with OVR
Oahu UUVtgz zipOahu Hires UUV Data
Kauaitgz zipKauai
Fränkische Schweiztgz zipTileset-Fraenkische