Pansharpening / Brovey

PanSharpening Example | | Regression Example

Pansharpening Method a la Brovey:

  • scale RGB up to 15m
  • convert RGB to HSV color space
  • replace V channel with panchromatic channel
    • $V'=Pan$
  • convert HSV back to RGB color space

RGB combined with Brovey, 15m

Problem: the panchromatic spectrum from 0.52–0.92$\mu m$ is uncalibrated. This means that it does not only comprise the RGB but also the NIR (near infrared) spectrum → unnatural look.

$Pan = \alpha R + \beta G + \gamma B + \theta NIR + c$

Solution: use linear regression to solve for $\alpha,\beta,\gamma,\theta, c$.

PanSharpening Example | | Regression Example