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To view the tileset, compile and start the libMini viewer using the following commands:

svn co mini-viewer
pushd mini-viewer; cmake -DBUILD_MINI_APPS=ON .; make; popd
mini-viewer/viewer data/tilesets/Sample-Tileset

Or use the QTViewer as described here.

Shot1 Hawaii

Detail Textures

There is also the option to add a detail texture to a tileset. Currently the only detail texture file format supported is libMini’s native db format. A converter utility is provided in the tools directory, which reads all common gdal image formats and exports to the db format. The exported textures are compressed with S3TC. For example, you can add hires compressed imagery at 1m resolution for Manana Island off the east coast of Oahu by passing the according generated db file as an additional argument to the libMini viewer:

grid/tools/grid2db data/image/Oahu-Islands/MananaIsland.tif manana.db
mini-viewer/viewer -m data/tilesets/Sample-Tileset manana.db

Manana1 Manana3

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