| The QTViewer

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how a virtual representation of a 3D scene (terrain or landscape) can be displayed with libMini. libMini is an open-source library which provides the core functionality to render a virtual terrain in 3D.

Once the virtual terrain data has been transformed into a so called tileset (for example with the libGrid resampler), it can be visualized with libMini. But libMini does not provide a user interface. The necessary user interaction for the navigation through the 3D scene is provided by the QTViewer application which builds on the QT user interface.

While the latter is an example how to integrate the core functionality of libMini into QT, there is no principal limitation to use other user interfaces or employ libMini in a totally different setting for example as a terrain rendering backend in a computer game.

| The QTViewer